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FCCA Past Presidents

1922-1951 GEORGE BRODBECK, Clerk, Eastern District of Pennsylvania
1951-1954 LEE McNEELY, Clerk, District of Iowa
1955 FRED L. BEERS, Clerk, Northern District of Georgia
1956 V. BAILEY THOMAS, Clerk, Southern District of Texas
1957 WALKLEY E. JOHNSON, Clerk, Eastern District of Virginia
1958 WILFRED W. BUTSCHKY, Clerk, District of Maryland
1959 GILBERT C. EARL, Clerk, District of Connecticut
1960 MICHAEL KELLER, JR., Clerk, District of New Jersey
1961 CHARLES B. WATKINS, Clerk, Northern District of Ohio
1962 DAVIS T. McGARVEY, Clerk, Eastern District of Kentucky
1963 MAXEY HART, Clerk, Western District of Texas
1964 HARRY M HULL, Clerk, District of Columbia
1965 WILLIAM E. DAVIS, Clerk, Northern District of Alabama
1966 ROBERT C. DOBSON, Clerk, Middle District of Alabama
1967 HAROLD ANDERSON, Clerk, Western District of Washington
1968 SAMUEL A. HOWARD, Clerk, Northern District of North Carolina
1969 JOSEPH I. BOGART, Clerk, Southern District of Florida
1970 RICHARD C. PECK, Clerk, District of Nevada
1971 LEWIS ORGEL, Clerk, Eastern District of New York
1972 GEORGE HUTCHINSON, Clerk , Court of Claims & Patent Appeals
1973 ANGELO LOCASCIO, Clerk, District of New Jersey
1974 RONALD LONGSTAFF, Clerk, District of Iowa
1975 CLETUS J. SCHMIDT, Clerk, District of North Dakota
1976 JAMES F. DAVEY, Clerk, District of Columbia
1977 EDGAR SCHOFIELD, Clerk, Western District of Washington
1978 WALLACE J. FURSTENAU, Clerk, District of Arizona
1979 GEROLD L. CLAPP, Clerk, District of Idaho
1980 WILLIAM W. LUDDY, Clerk, Southern District of California
1981 JAMES VANDEGRIFT, Clerk, Northern District of Alabama
1982 ARTHUR G. JOHNSON, Clerk, District of Kansas
1983 ROBERT M. CHRIST, Clerk, District of Oregon
1984 A. MARVIN HELART, Clerk, Southern District of Illinois
1985 JESSE CASAUS, Clerk, District of New Mexico
1986 ROBERT SHEMWELL, Clerk, Western District of Louisiana
1987 CARL BRENTS, Clerk, Eastern District of Arkansas
1988 JOYCE WITT, Clerk, Western District of Virginia
1989 JOSEPH HAAS, Clerk, District of Maryland
1990 ROBERT F. CONNOR, Clerk, Western District of Missouri
1991 RALPH DeLOACH, Clerk, District of Kansas
1992 CAROL C. FitzGERALD, Clerk, District of Nevada
1993 GEORGE A. RAY, Clerk, Northern District of New York
1994 J. BARRY DUNFORD, Clerk, Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Louisiana
1995 CAMERON BURKE, Clerk, Bankruptcy Court, District of Idaho
1996 RICHARD H. WEARE, Clerk, District of Arizona
1997-98 LANCE S. WILSON, Clerk, District of Nevada
1998-99 MARTIN H. OOGJEN, III, Clerk, Bankruptcy Court, Western District of New York
1999-01 W. SAMUEL HAMRICK, JR. Chief Deputy, Northern District of Georgia
2001-03 JOSEPH HAAS, Clerk, District of South Dakota
2003-05 JEFF APPERSON, Clerk, Western District of Kentucky
2005-07 SHERYL LOESCH, Clerk, Middle District of Florida
2007-09 WILLIAM MCCOOL, Clerk, Northern District of Florida
2009-11 JAMES R. LARSEN Clerk, Eastern District of Washington
2011-13 PATRICIA MCNUTT Clerk, Eastern District of Tennessee
2013-15 CHUCK DIARD Clerk, Southern District of Alabama
2015-17 THOMAS G. BRUTON Clerk, Northern District of Illinois
2017-19 BRIAN D. KARTH Clerk, District of Arizona