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The Clerks Council of FCCA consists of all clerks who are members of the organization. The primary focus of the FCCA Clerks’ Council is to consider issues in the judiciary of concern to clerks of court and to propose economical and efficient solutions designed to improve the administration of justice. The current advisory structure of the Administrative Office provides clerks limited participation in the formulation of important policies and guidelines. The Clerks Council can provide significant input to the advisory groups and to the Administrative Office on important issues, while also improving communication between clerks, the advisory groups, and the Administrative Office.

The Clerks Council also works to provide meaningful professional development opportunities to clerks. This is accomplished by offering clerk-specific educational programs and by opening up opportunities for executive managers from the Administrative Office to speak at FCCA conferences about issues facing the Federal Judiciary.

The Clerks Council Chair is elected by the Executive Board of the Clerks Council or may be appointed by the incoming President if no election is held. The Chair then works to appoint clerks to the Executive Board who are members of FCCA and are willing to give their time and energy to the organization.